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SF CARD provides the following primary disaster preparedness services to organizations.

If your organization is looking for a specific disaster preparedness service that is not listed below, please reach out and we can either address your specific request or refer you to one of our partner agencies.   

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Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)

SF CARD will help develop a documented ERP for each site your organization manages. This will include guidance on how to respond to multi-hazards, such as earthquakes, building fires, and bomb threats. The document will provide information on what staff can do during a disaster, including guidance on the evacuation plan. The document will also be used to facilitate training sessions with staff.

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Staff Emergency Response Training

SF CARD will conduct a training session on key procedures, policies, & processes documented in the agency’s ERP. This will allow your staff the opportunity to practice the emergency response procedures and also receive guidance from a facilitator. The training will be held at each site.

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Incident Command System (ICS) Training and Exercise

ICS is an emergency management system for your organization. SF CARD will facilitate an ICS training & tabletop exercise. Our basic training introduces ICS including its history and background, features, and principles, and use as an organizational structure. In addition, the tabletop exercise will help attendees practice using ICS.

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Continuty of Operations Plan (COOP) Development

SF CARD can assist your organization with developing or revising your organization's COOP. Specifically, SF CARD provides templates and guidance throughout the COOP process. Moreover, SF CARD will help your organization achieve its COOP goals quickly, which means dedicating less staff time to the process.    

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Active Shooter Training & Exercise

SF CARD staff shall train staff on the active shooter response methodology of run, hide, and fight. Included in the training are videos, background info on the methodology, and in-depth guidance on run, hide and fight. The second part of the training is the active shooter exercise where SF CARD staff shall facilitate a run-and-hide exercise.

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