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A picture of four children playing in a park setting with S.T.E.P. Student Tools for Emergency Planning text at the bottom.


Student Tools for Emergency Planning, or STEP, is a modular emergency preparedness curriculum that can be used in many different settings -- school classrooms, technology education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes, summer camps, afterschool programs, school safety programs, child care centers, and other community-based programs. While designed for students in the fourth and fifth grades, STEP can be adapted for older and younger students as well. STEP is designed in a simple format that anyone can use. Students can learn about disasters, emergencies, severe weather, hazards, and health using fun activities that help to build skills, such as how to create an Emergency Supply Kit and Family Emergency Communication Plan. The 2020 curriculum update provides more digital-friendly programming options, with new and expanded lessons and activities.

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