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Current Projects

SF CARD is pleased to present a year-long disaster preparedness series dedicated to houses of worship and faith-based communities. 

In this series, we will explore planning, response, and recovery issues as well as the possibility of obtaining federal hardening funds for security. 

Funding is provided by Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative and the Walter and Elise Hass Fund.

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Listos California - 2022/2023

SF CARD is proud to continue as a Community Partner of the Listos California program. 

In 2019, SF CARD was chosen to be one of the first participating organizations offering culturally and linguistically competent disaster education for San Francisco County. 

Please contact to inquire about a free training for your organization, community group, business or club. 


BA UASI Training and Exercise Program

Since 2019, SF CARD and partners have delivered FREE public training sessions on topics such as Continuity of Operations, Incident Command for NonProfits, and Coordination Panels between local governments and community organizations. 

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School Preparedness Program 

SF CARD works with Principals, PTA Associations and District leadership to help strengthen our most important institution: Schools. SF CARD staff provides in-depth technical assistance and drill guidance to help each school achieve its yearly preparedness goals.  

SF CARD recognizes that most Districts and schools have limited budgets and may need assistance with their disaster planning efforts. So, SF CARD now offers a free 1-hour consult to help leadership to develop a disaster preparedness roadmap. The roadmap will help schools to focus on specific activities that don't take much time.  

Please contact to schedule your free 1-hour consult.  



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